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Concentrate Jars

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Quality customization

We don't cut any corners: our custom dab containers are full-color, printed on industrial-grade vinyl with UV stability that resists fading. With our free design service, you can design your own extract containers today!

Free label design

Custom label design is now free! No more hunting around for a graphic designer and paying them top dollar to create your wax packaging, let us do it for you. Customizing concentrate jars with labels is now a breeze.

Take it to the next level

Brand yourself as an expert in this industry. Customize your glass concentrate containers with our easy-to-use design service and stand out from the competition.

Unbeatable prices

We work hard to offer unbeatable prices so that you can get the best quality wax jars at an affordable price. Our wide range of wax puck options includes both clear and black concentrate jars.

No hassle ordering

We'll take care of all the hard work, so you can create custom concentrate packaging without the stress. BRANDMYDISPO makes it simples to place an order and start branding your own cannabis concentrate jars.

Dab Jars

Dab jars also known as “dab pucks” are containers for storing cannabis concentrates, such as rosin, shatter and extracts. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Glass concentrate containers provide a way to store your extracts without having to worry about them leaking or spilling all over the place. Jars for wax keep concentrates discreet and smell proof.

Our glass dab jars are made from the strongest borosilicate glass to be resistant to high temperatures and shattering. They're great for storage and safe to use with any type of concentrate.

The cannabis industry has boomed in recent years with legalization in many states. As a result, the quantity and quality of dab slick containers have grown immensely. This has led to more product variations like uv concentrate jars and 1 gram wax containers that have opened up new avenues for the cannabis industry.

5ml Glass Jars

Considered the ultimate accessory for vaporizer enthusiasts, small glass concentrate jars are a must! Our high-quality 5ml concentrate jars are perfect for storing any cannabis concentrate, from shatter to crumble. These clear, sleek 0.5 to 1g jars come with a durable lid that provides a seal tight. The convenient size of these 5ml glass concentrate containers is ideal for storing up to a full gram of wax.

7ml Glass Jars

Choose from our selection of beautiful 1 gram concentrate containers to store your concentrates! Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these 7ml concentrate jars are perfect for storing your marijuana concentrates in an airtight, discreet space. We offer the best prices on custom 7ml glass concentrate containers and include free design service with every purchase.

9ml Glass Jars

Glass concentrate jar are perfect for storing your concentrates. These premium glass jars have a 9ml capacity and will hold up to one to two grams of concentrate. At this size, this 9ml concentrate jars fits easily in the palm of your hand and are convenient for storage. Quality borosilicate glass with a high heat resistance means these 1 gram dab containers can go from the freezer to boiling water and back again without breaking.

Qube Concentrate Jars 

Qube containers or square concentrate jars are an innovative concept in CBD and cannabis concentrate packaging that offer a more unique and luxury alternative to traditional 1 gram wax jars. Our slim, stackable 9ml jars are the perfect way to store and display with your dabs. Qube packaging has devised a better way to store your dabs and keep them safe.

Concentrate Packaging with Labels

Have you been looking for a simple, convenient way to brand your concentrates? Look no further. Our dab containers with labels are time savers, and you will love the added convenience.

There's no better way to make your cannabis oil stand out than in a custom rosin jar. Printing your company logo or artwork on your jars is an easy way to give your product a personal touch and make them memorable.

Brand your own!

Every BRANDMYDISPO container is designed with durability in mind. The empty wax containers  are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring that the containers are heat resistant and tough enough to handle impact.

Our wax jars with labels are the ideal vessel for your favorite concentrates. With a variety of size options, our jars are perfect for storing and keeping the dust away. Whether you are looking for a small 1g concentrate jar or a big dab container that can hold a few grams, we have the perfect jar for you!