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Bolsas Mylar impresas personalizadas de 10x12" (1/2 lb)

  • Dimensiones: 10 x 12 pulgadas
  • Tamaño de la bolsa : 5 "pulgadas
  • Espesor : 240 micras
  • Se adapta a: 1/2 libra (1/2 lb)
  • Acabado: Brillo o mate
  • Esquinas: Redondas o cuadradas
  • Impresión a todo color.
  • Imprime cualquier diseño a color.
  • Sin costos de configuración o placa de color.
  • Impresión de bolsa frontal, posterior e inferior.
  • Agregue una ventana opcional o un orificio para colgar.
  • Incluye servicios de diseño GRATIS.
  • ¡NO entrará en producción hasta que usted lo apruebe!


bolsas de hierba de media libra

Nuestras bolsas personalizadas de media libra están hechas de 10x12 pulgadas con un fondo de refuerzo de bolsa de pie de 5 pulgadas. Las bolsas de empaque acomodarán 1/2 libra o 227 gramos de CBD o flor de cannabis.

Estas bolsas personalizadas a prueba de olores están hechas a prueba de humedad, herméticas, a prueba de olores y luz. Nuestras bolsas a prueba de olores están hechas con material plástico mylar de la más alta calidad y están forradas con papel de aluminio para una máxima vida útil de sus productos. Nuestras bolsas personalizadas de 1/2 lb también ofrecen los descuentos mayoristas más grandes del mercado, abastece tus bolsas personalizadas y ahorra comprando al por mayor.

Cree una marca que se destaque con nuestros servicios de diseño de bolsas de mylar 100 % GRATIS que se incluyen con cada compra de embalaje personalizado. Nuestro equipo está listo para ayudarlo a llevar su marca a la vanguardia con increíbles bolsas de mylar personalizadas. ¡Haga que su empresa sea el centro de atención y diseñe sus propias bolsas de mylar personalizadas hoy mismo!

Discover our custom half pound bags, measuring 10x12 inches with a 5-inch standing pouch gusset bottom. These bags can hold 1/2 pound or 227 grams of CBD or cannabis flower. Crafted from premium mylar, our smell-proof bags are moisture-proof, airtight, smell-proof, and light-proof. Benefit from maximum shelf life with foil lining. Enjoy the largest wholesale discounts, stock up on custom pouches, and save when buying in bulk. Take advantage of our free mylar bag design services included with every custom packaging purchase. Let our team elevate your brand with amazing personalized mylar bags, making your company the center of attention. Design your own custom mylar bags today!

To get started, visit our website and explore our services. Place an order by selecting the desired product and quantity. Our team will reach out to discuss design details, ensuring your vision is realized. Once the design is finalized, we initiate the printing process, delivering high-quality results tailored to your specifications.

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About us

At BRANDMYDISPO, we take immense pride in being a leading packaging company that caters to businesses globally. Our primary focus is to offer exceptional solutions that elevate your brand's visibility. With a relentless passion for creativity and innovation, we specialize in crafting custom packaging that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with you to understand your vision and deliver personalized packaging solutions that leave a lasting impression. We excel in designing captivating boxes, labels, bags and promotional packaging that reflect your brand's identity.

Half Pound Bags FAQ

How many color options are included?

Our printing services let you choose any colors. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant colors or delicate, muted tones, we can work with your preferred color schemes. By adding wonderful, distinctive colors to your designs with the aid of our expertise, you may exactly execute your concept.

What size are 1/2 pound bags?

Half pound weed bags typically measure around 10x12 inches, featuring a standing pouch gusset bottom for added capacity. These bags are designed to accommodate 1/2 pound or approximately 227 grams of CBD or cannabis flower. They provide ample space for packaging and storage while ensuring the freshness and quality of your products.

How can I get started?

Getting started is easy! Simply select the desired product. Place your order and our team will reach out to discuss design details. We'll guide you through the process, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. If you already have your mylar bag design, upload it here. Let's get started today!

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