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Your dispensary's best friend

Branded smell proof jars with labels are essential to any organization looking to grow their business and make a name for themselves in the CBD or cannabis industry. They'll help you stand out from the competition and keep your shelves stocked with high-quality products — all while staying compliant.

Labeled and ready to use

We take care of the hard part so that you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis storage without the hassle. We offer the highest quality cannabis containers available on the market. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, there's no limit to what you can design and if you're not confident in your artistic skills, we'll even design your custom stash jars for you.

Free jar label design

We offer custom dispensary jars, which are designed and created in-house to suit your specifications. Our team of experts will work with you to create your own customized marijuana jars. With our free design service, you can make the best use of your weed containers.

Quick and easy ordering

Our personalized service is designed to meet your needs, so you won't have to settle for some generic company that only cares about the bottom line. Just give us your unique design preferences and we'll deliver the best jar design possible!

Weed Jars

Storage jars for weed hold your flower while also keeping it fresh. They usually have a lid and they come in many different shapes and sizes. The best jars for weed are designed to be attractive, and can be customized with logos or slogans.

Weed jars are used in the cannabis industry for packaging. They are typically made of glass or plastic and can be used to store weed, concentrates, and other cannabis products. We offer 100% customized and personalized airtight containers for weed, from chocolate to cookies.

For the freshest, most potent weed packaging experience, try BRANDMYDISPO. We are a leading supplier airtight jars for weed, and we have state-of-the-art packaging for all your marijuana needs. For all your weed needs, trust our jars and get back to living.

Glass Jars

Glass weed jars are one of the most popular ways to store weed. These smell proof containers are airtight and odor-proof, which means that you can store weed in them without worrying about it drying out. Weed storage jars typically offer airtight seal that will keep out moisture and pests, which can damage your stash.

Glass jars for cannabis and CBD have a few key advantages when it comes to the best airtight containers. They can be stored in dark, cool places which can help prevent the degradation of THC. They can be sealed tightly and their thick glass prevents oxygen from seeping in.

Keep your bud fresh, safe, and delicious with our glass cannabis jars. Whether you're storing one gram or an eighth, we have the right size odor proof container for you. Our wide variety of sizes make it easy to find the right bud storage for you.

Plastic Jars

The use of plastic weed jars is becoming more popular because they are cheaper than glass weed jars. They are also more durable than glass containers and will not break if dropped. Plastic stash containers are a portable and discreet way to store and package your marijuana flower.

Our marijuana containers are designed to solve all your packaging problems. With high-quality construction, customizable label options, and airtight seal, we will take care of all your needs. We have a variety of packaging solutions to choose from. From our plastic kush jar packaging to our zip lock bags, we have it all!

Child Proof Jars

Airtight jars for weed have come a long way since they were first introduced, as companies are finding new ways to innovate. Child resistant glass jars have been designed to resist any attempt by kids to get into them. They are often used as containers for cannabis, medicines, and vitamins.

Custom Weed Jars

Weed jars with labels are the perfect solution when your packaging needs to stand out from the ordinary. Whether you're a small business looking to make a big impression or a large corporation, custom jars with labels help market your product in a big way.

Packaging is a very important aspect of marketing, and these jars are the perfect medium for your branding. Whether you want to buy one or 1000, we have the right pot jar for you. With our custom labeling technology, you can add your logo, your product name, and even your own images to your 420 jars. Sold in small quantities or in bulk, our jars are perfect for edibles, concentrate, cannabis and more!

Looking for the best smell proof container to store your cannabis? Look no more. We've got you covered with our custom-made marijuana storage jars. Perfect for storing your precious cannabis, these jars are durable, safe and smartly made. With our in-house design team, you'll have weed packaging jars that will be sure to turn heads!

Design your own jars!

Here at BRANDMYDISPO, we have the packaging jars you need. Our selection includes everything from small and large sizes. Lids are included so you can start selling right away. These jars with labels are perfect for anything from food to cannabis or even cosmetics, and they'll make you stand out from the crowd. You name it, we jar it!