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Smell Proof Jars

Storing your bud in a smell proof jar or containers is essential for preserving the taste and smell of your cannabis and ensuring your products shelf life. Glass smell proof jars are one of the most common ways to store or package your cannabis. Furthermore, smell proof jars make sure your weed doesn’t leave behind any odors and provides a smell proof barrier of protection. 

Our premium glass weed jars are built to last. Quality is our highest priority. We strive to offer an array of bud jars at the lowest and most affordable price while making certain the product quality meets our standards and is suitable for the dispensary, grower or if you need jars for personal use.

Smokers prefer to buy fresh buds. Buying dried out, stale buds is undesirable for the consumer. Smell proof jars keep your product in excellent condition by preventing decay, mold and mildew while also reducing the risk of the growth of fungi. When aiming to maintain the freshness of your cannabis, the marijuana storage or packaging you use plays a crucial role. Choosing our weed jars will have a number of advantages, making them a top rated choice.

Glass Jars

The use of glass jars has numerous benefits for your medical or recreational cannabis. Specifically when maintaining the freshness and THC potency of your weed. The marijuana jars maintain moisture which is vital in the storing process. We offer a range of glass jars for storing marijuana, from one gram to one ounce. The kush jars are also offered with a child resistant lids, qualified for compliant packaging. In terms of airtightness, our glass jars are unsurpassed. Each of our jars is designed to be extremely durable, with a thick glass that will resist breaking. It is an option to add your custom labels with the help our our design team, free of charge.

Plastic Jars

Using plastic jars for storing or displaying cannabis can also be highly effective. These jars are extremely light weight and useful when selling cannabis is smaller or larger amounts to the consumers. Our plastic jars also offer a child resistant lids so you can meet the laws and regulations regarding compliant cannabis packaging. You can buy plastic jars wholesale to get the most reliable and cost effective jars that are smell proof. Our jars can be customized with your custom printed artwork or logo for no additional charge, with the help of our design team. 

1 Gram Jars

Whether you are looking to store 1G of cannabis flower or dab concentrate, our 1 gram jars are a premium choice for your dispensary packaging. Both our 1 gram flower jar and concentrate jar offer a child proof cap so you can stay compliant. These smell proof 1G jars are a favorite amongst small glass containers for storing any flower or extract. Our smell proof jars trap away potent marijuana odors.

3.5 Gram Jars

As far as dispensary packaging goes, glass 1/8 oz jars are probably the most popular. Packaging eighths in jars makes retail extremely easy for the vendor and buyer. Pre-packaged eighth jars are weighed in advance and can go straight from the shelf to the consumer. After all, the most common way to buy weed is to buy eighth ounces. Our smell proof 3.5g glass jars are perfect for not only selling your cannabis but keeping it up top-shelf standards.

7 Gram Jars

Another popular way of storing or displaying cannabis, whether it is retail or not, are our 7g glass jars. Theses smell proof jars are not only effective for keeping your bud fresh but they are perfect for larger amounts. Some weed smoker like to buy their weed in bulk or bigger quantities, our 7 gram jars are perfect for shopper looking to buy a quarter ounce of cannabis flower.

Child Resistant Jars

In some states, child resistant container are are must if you are selling or distributing marijuana. If you are looking to stay compliant with your states cannabis laws and regulations for child proof containers, our jars are the perfect match. Theses child resistant jars are all offered with a child resistant lid and can also be labeled with your states warning labels. We do not charge extra for our label design service.

Jars withs Caps

Don’t waste your time searching for lids, every one of our jars comes with a fitted lid included. One stop shop for marijuana glass jars with lids wholesale. Buying jars with caps can save you a ton of time and money. The airtight cap ensures the quality of your product remains fresh and prevents any air escaping the jar while also keeping outside air from coming in contact with your cannabis flower.

Jars with Labels

The best place to buy jars with labels and lids included. Your container and packaging greatly impacts the look of your brand. Add your custom printed artwork or logo design to your glass jars with the help our our design team to also help boost your brands identity. Add your state warning labels to become compliant with your state regulations. Our team is available to assist you on branding your labels for your cannabis jars and we do not charge any additional fees for designing. Buying labeled jars can save a ton of time and money.

Dispensary Jars

Glass smell proof jars are typically what dispensaries use when speaking of jars. They are great for displaying the weed to the customer at the point our sale. Both the dispensary and the client depend on the packaging to help the products the shelf life, glass jars exceed expectations. Dispensary jars with labels are one of your most commonly seen packaging types in the marijuana industry. The custom printed labels add a sleek touch and are sure to elevate your dispensary jars and your brands packaging.

Concentrate Jars

Jars are the most popular way to packaging your concentrate. If you have ever bought any concentrates, you have problem came in contact with a concentrate jars. Concentrate jars are usually smell proof. They are perfect for storing cannabis oils, dabs. sauce, extract and more. Our concentrate containers are made to fit 0.5 to 1g of wax. These jars are also offer with a child resistant cap.

Weed Containers

As mentioned above, it is essential that you package your weed in a smell proof container for quality control.  Whether you are a smoker, grower, or dispensary, having an airtight place to store your buds after they are harvested or bought is a key component. Smell proof containers keep the aromas and flavor of the bud in tact. Making your bud still taste fresh, even months after harvesting. 

Both our concentrate containers and glass jars for weed are perfect for odor. By now, everyone knows cannabis has a strong potent smell. Storing in an airtight container keeps the marijuana discreet and odorless when transporting. This is something highly recommended by customers purchasing the cannabis products.

Our weed containers are of the highest quality, both durable and built to last while also being very affordable. Our wide selection of sizes makes it easy to find the smell proof jar of your choice. You can find weed containers in the of sizing from 1 gram to one pound. We also offer wholesale jars. 

Even if you don’t think airtight jars are a must, we provide extremely low minimums for weed containers and custom marijuana packaging, check out our wide scale of packaging that will ensure freshness while helping you scale your brand. Custom branding can put your company at a more professional stand-point.

Smell Proof Jars

In conclusion, smell proof jars are a reliable jar choice for growers, dispensaries, or any retail business. Being able to assure the quality of your buds and see them inside the clear weed jar is only one of the many benefits airtight dispensary jars have. Our glass smell proof 420 jars are perfect for stashing small quantities to bulk amounts of weed. 

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Smell Proof Jars

What Jars are Smell Proof?

Many jars can be smell proof while others are not. Any air tight jar or container can be smell proof but what makes a jar truly smell proof is the closure of the jar. The seal needs to be an airtight seal. Having an airtight seal can ensure the quality of your product for longer periods of time. Jars with fitted airtight lids are most likely to be smell proof. Child resistant caps are a popular feature of smell proof jars. 

Are Cannabis Jars Airtight?

Some jars are airtight but not all jars have closure with airtight seals on them. Our jars have an airtight smell proof seal. This prevents air from escaping the jar and also protects any air from getting inside the jar. Be sure to choose the correct air tight jars when purchasing your cannabis jars. Our dispensary jars are airtight and smell proof. Airtight jars are also a discreet when considering the smell does not escape from them.

What is the Best Storage for Cannabis?

Smell proof jars are one of the best ways to store your medical marijuana. An airtight weed container will work best for your cannabis storage and also make the taste and smell of your cannabis not degrade as fast. For storage, put your cannabis in a cool, dry, dark, environment. Especially, if you plan on storing it long term. Other top picks for storing cannabis consist of smell proof mylar bags. 

Is it Better to Store Weed in Glass or Plastic?

This depends on how long you plan on storing your weed, typically It is better to store your weed in glass jars. A glass airtight jar is most likely best. Plastic can also be offered in an airtight container but glass will be more sustainable for long term marijuana storage. When storing in plastic for a longer period of time. It is common to use an o2 pack to keep the weed fresh and from drying out or becoming stale.

Can Dogs Smell Through Smell Proof Jars?

If the container isa glass airtight jar, you should have better odds with this. However, if there is any weed residue left behind the k9 dogs may be able to sniff this off. To prevent dogs from smelling what's inside your glass jars, make sure you seal the lids tight. Use only airtight jars and be sure to wipe down the outside making sure it is clean of any hidden cannabis residue left behind on the outside of the jar. Making sure the jars are clean is a definitely a must.

What Container is Best for Storing Weed?

Glass jars with an airtight seal can considerably be one of the best way of storing your weed, glass smell proof jars are widely used being of their ability to maintain the freshness of your marijuana. This is super important when storing cannabis in large and small amounts. In essence, an airtight smell proof glass jar or container is the most effective. Airtight jars keep your weed discreet blocking any odors from leaving the jars. If you are storing marijuana for a long period of time it is best to store in a cold, dry, dark environment.

Are all Jars Smell Proof?

Not all jars are smell proof. Glass jars are usually best when considering smell proof jars. If the jar is airtight is it more likely to be smell proof. We offer a smell proof jar that is glass with a high quality closure. When shopping for smell proof jars, be sure to choose jars that has an airtight seal. Some distributors even prefer to test out their smell proof jars for their product. Our jars are top quality and durable for a long lifespan.