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Custom Pre Rolled Cones

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Custom Cones

Marijuana has gone mainstream and the market for pre rolled cones is huge.

Your cannabis brand may sell the best pre-rolls online, but it’s hard to show that to your customers when most weed cones generally look the same. Gone are the days when people snuck around with crooked, unevenly-burning pre roll cones. In the wake of widespread legalization, people are enjoying cannabis products like smoking cones and using them to curate amazing experiences.

From pot-infused lattes to weed bars at weddings, it’s clear that bud has infiltrated every part of our lives. Nowadays, cannabis customers expect to find products tailored just for them. So how can you show your customers that your joints are perfect for them?

Create the Best Prerolled Cones

To stand out in a sea of cannabis brands, your pre-roll line has to cater to a specific niche and be social-media ready. In a world where everything is captured on camera, customers are compelled to buy products when they connect with a brand’s style and aesthetics.

At BRANDMYDISPO, we help you appeal to your customers by offering custom cones. Stick your logo, tagline, or design on our custom pre roll filters, and watch your customers add packs of your pre-rolls to their carts.

Endless Options for Customization

Your cannabis flower is phenomenal, so your pre rolled weed should reflect that. BRANDMYDISPO offers custom branding options so you can tailor them perfectly to your brand. We print your designs on the highest-quality paper available on the market. Super-thin, chemical-free, and slow-burning so you get the best hit every time!

We are dedicated to producing the best smoking experience possible, which is why we easily outrank our competition in every category. Our free design services make it easy for you to quickly design your own branded prerolls that perfectly fit your niche. A free mockup is shown before printing, so you know exactly how your design will look before you buy it – at no cost to you!

We make it simple to create personalized filter tips on any size from half gram to king size cones. With the ability to customize the filter, cone size, paper, and gram capacity of your rolling paper cones, BRANDMYDISPO is an unbeatable asset for your brand. Strengthen your market pull with personalized cannabis cones that speak to your customers.

One of the benefits of partnering with BRANDMYDISPO is our flexibility. We allow small batch custom pre-rolled cone orders starting at only 1,300 cones, so you don’t have to pick just one design! This adds an extra layer of customization that can distinguish your brand from others, with no effort on your part.

As an added bonus, we have onsite design experts on hand to help you create any artwork you need. Our design experts understand how to create mockups that fit your brand’s aesthetics and entice your customers. If you want custom branding for your marijuana cones, look no further than BRANDMYDISPO. Our design experts and endless customization options make the design process simple and easy.

Premium Paper

Your customers will love the smooth, even burn of our custom printed pre-roll cones. Pack them with your preferred hemp or cannabis flower to create a distinctive smoking experience for your preroll brand. At BRANDMYDISPO, we help you curate a custom pre roll cone specifically for your niche.

All of our pre-rolled cones are made in three different options. We offer refined white rice paper, 100% organic hemp paper. In addition to our rolling paper custom cone options, we also offer customizable hemp blunt cones cones that add a luxurious touch to any smoking experience.

Unbeatable Service and Pricing

Custom printed pre roll cones aren’t just a novelty product people will forget about. They leave a lasting impression on anyone who smokes them. Trends in the cannabis industry change rapidly. Your brand has to keep up with new products, technology, and regulations on a daily basis. That’s why we offer the fastest lead time for pre rolled rolling papers. While our competitors take 6 months or longer, BRANDMYDISPO produces your amazing cones in 6 weeks or less. That’s a pretty big difference, if you ask us.

BRANDMYDISPO also offers the best pricing available on the market for custom joint cones. Our wholesale pricing is unbeatable with unbelievable price breaks on pre roll cones in bulk. Our factory-direct pricing allows our customers to get the best wholesale pre rolled cones at the cheapest price with branding included.
In addition to our fast lead times and unbeatable pricing, our customer service is top-notch too. We’ve partnered with both global and domestic brands, so we are experts at creating a compliant product that satisfies every time. We are happy to accommodate your brand’s unique requirements to create the perfect custom pre-rolls, so if you have questions, reach out to one of our experts!

Choose BRANDMYDISPO Custom Cones

The amazing flower you grow deserves a custom cone just as nice. You need pre-rolls that are unique like your brand and customer base. Ready to start designing your own custom printed pre-rolled cones with BRANDMYDISPO? We are excited to work with you on any project – big or small!

With unbeatable pricing, low minimum orders, and fast lead times, we are proud to offer incredible service to our customers. Partner with us and you’ll see why we’re the best brand in the custom branded pre roll cone industry.