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Custom Pre Roll Tubes

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Preroll Tubes

If you sell prerolls, you may already use preroll tubes for packaging. Preroll joint tubes are widely used way to package your pre-rolls because of their affordable price. There are many types of joint tubes, ranging from plastic to glass to even biodegradable. Preroll tubes make it extremely easy for the consumer to just buy 1 or 2 joints at a time instead of a whole pack. If you are a smoker on the go, these pre-roll tube are actually quite useful.

A preroll tube can protect your joint from any damage or coming into contact with anything it’s not supposed to. A preroll tube typically holds only 1 joint but can hold 2 as well. They are the best for reusable pre-roll and blunt storage because they are useful for keeping your bud fresh, Preventing you bud from drying out or getting stale maintains a longer shelf life for the your cannabis. A joint tubes main purposes consist of ensuring freshness, protecting the product, and keeping them out of the reach of children.

Preroll tubes can easily be custom tailored to your brand. Creating an eye-catching brand can attract clients and increase your sales. With pre-rolls being a top-seller in todays market, they are often custom branded with a companies artwork or logo. Whether you are looking for a direct printed tube or a custom labeled tube, our custom preroll tubes are not only a good choice for branding but they are a highly economical option as well.

90mm Preroll Tubes

This tube is the perfect fit for a 83mm preroll cone or a half gram prerolled joint. This is a commonly used site amongst dispensaries. Our 90mm preroll tubes have a smell, air, and moisture proof barrier. The resealable pop-top closure is child resistant making these a great option for compliant packaging.

109mm Preroll Tubes

This tube will fit a 98mm preroll cone perfectly. This 109mm preroll tube is perfect for a .75g preroll joint cone. The tube is locks out any air or moisture while also providing a smell proof barrier. The child resistant closure on these tube can open and close making them super easy to use, while also keeping out any young children.

116mm Preroll Tubes

This is your most common size for a 1g preroll joint. The tube is 116mm long. This tube is perfect for a king size preroll cone. This tube is also the perfect size to be used at a blunt tube. Our 116mm preroll tube can make your blunt or cone more stylish or just add a moisture and smell proof layer of protection.

Biodegradable Preroll Tubes

We offer a sustainable preroll tube that is 100% biodegradable. These high-quality, sustainable paper tubes in 3 standard sizes which holds your standard size joints and can also be customize to the size of your liking. You can choose any color for your biodegradable tubes. Wholesale pricing allows us to offer our biodegradable preroll tubes at a less expensive price per unit. When choosing your next preroll tubes go green and choose an eco-friendly alternative.

Child Resistant Joint Tubes

In some states, your packaging must be child resistant and compliant with your states marijuana laws and regulations. The child resistant closure on the preroll tubes are easily resealable. Child resistant preroll tubes are a great preroll tube option for maintaining freshness while keeping the children locked out, this makes plastic childproof preroll tubes a top-seller in the cannabis industry.

Plastic Preroll Tubes

The perfect tube for your marijuana pre rolled joint and also the most common type of preroll tubes are made of plastic. These tubes are the best choice when looking for cheap preroll packaging because they are slim and lightweight. Plastic joint tubes come in a number of different sizes, you can fit any size from half gram to king size joints in our plastic preroll tubes. Whether your are packaging marijuana, CBD, or Delta 8 preroll tubes are an excellent option.

Glass Preroll Tubes

If you are looking to give your preroll tube a more sleek look, glass preroll tubes may be your best choice. These glass preroll tubes comes with a cork top lid. The glass pre-roll tubes have cork tops that make the packaging look high-end. Like our plastic preroll tubes, our glass joint tubes can accommodate prerolls ranging from half a gram to king size.

Vape Cartridge Tubes

Tubes are not only used for prerolls, a smell proof tube is a great for vape cartridge packaging as well. These are often used for a child resistant or option that is in compliance with state cannabis laws and regulations. A child resistant plastic cartridge tube is a traditional method of packaging your vape cartridge in a child-resistant manner. This vape cartridge tube looks great and stores your cartridge making it leak proof and less resistant to shattering.

Doob Tubes

A commonly used nickname for a preroll tube is a “Doob tube”. Doob tubes are often airtight and smell proof tubes which are used for carrying a marijuana prer-roll or CBD joint.  These tubes are a recommended choice for storing away your prerolled joints. The word doob tube came from the word “doobies” years ago. Dube tubes are a slim, lightweight and easy-to-use way to carry around your cannabis joint in a discreet fashion. These doob tubes will just about fit in your pocket.

Custom Preroll Tubes

Whether you are looking for a sleek directly custom printed preroll tube or a preroll tube a custom printed sticker labeled preroll tube, we have got you cover. Our premium preroll tubes are sleek making them a must-have for a dispensary or grower. Your tubes are branded as an advertisement of your company, custom printing can help your brand grow. By purchasing in bulk, we are able to offer the joint tubes at an even lower unit price. 

Our team offer the tube design services, free! Yes, free. Our team is here to help you create your custom packaging design with no additional costs. Our team takes pride in being one of the best in the industry of cannabis design. Let our team of professionals help you design your custom logo and printed or labeled tube design. Start custom branding your own prerolled joint tubes today.

Pop Top Preroll Tubes

A primary reason that pre roll tubes are so popular is their pop-top caps. The most commonly used preroll tube in the cannabis industry is the pop top pre roll tube. They are made of plastic which makes them extremely low-cost. The pop top tubes can be purchased at an even lower unit price when purchased in bulk. 

What are Pre-roll Tubes?

A pre-roll tube is a joint container. Pre-roll tubes are an often recommended choice for pre-roll joint packaging. Various preroll joint tubes can be designed to be child resistant so that the tubes are compliant with state laws and regulations. Freshness is guaranteed, damage is avoided, and kids are protected as well. The range of pre roll and blunt tube options that we offer includes glass, plastic, and biodegradable.

Preroll Packaging

Tubes are a huge part of preroll packaging but this is not the only way to package your preroll. Prerolled joint also come in boxes. If you are looking to package more than one joint, preroll boxes could be a great choice from you brand. Our custom printed preroll boxes come in a 3 or a 5 pack. Either way, whether it is tubes or boxes that you are looking for, we offer a wide selection of preroll cone packaging that will keep you on top of your game.

Bulk Preroll Tubes

Buying preroll tubes in bulk is one of the most cost effective ways to purchase them. Wholesale preroll tubes are affordable and they get the job done. We offer our plastic, glass, and biodegradable joint tubes at wholesale. Buying your tubes in bulk is the best way to get the cheapest and lowest cost per unit. 

Cork Top Tubes

Glass tubes with a cork are a modern and sleek look for your prerolled joints or blunts. These tubes are air and moisture resistance. Making them odor proof as well. We offer our cork top tubes in 3 standard sizes or you can request a custom size. These glass cork top tubes can accommodate a half to king size preroll joint or a prerolled blunt.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Preroll Tubes

How Big is a Pre-roll Tube?

Pre-roll tubes come in various sizes. The 3 most common sizes for a pre-roll tube are 98mm, 109mm and 116mm. These sizes are most most common because they fit the standard joint cone sizes. Whether you are packaging 0.5, 0.75, or 1 gram of cannabis flower, we have the perfect sized preroll tube for you.

How Much does a Pre-roll Usually Cost?

This depends on the size and quality of the bud. It also varies from state to state. A top-shelf prerolled joint can sell anywhere from $7-9. Lower grade pre-rolls, sometime shake go for $4-7. In some states, you may find prerolled joints for as low as $2. Exotic prerolls can cost as high as $10-15. Prerolled joints a one of the cheapest ways to smoke cannabis.

Are Pre-roll Tubes Smell Proof?

Some preroll tubes are smell proof, while others are not. If you a in search of a smell proof tube it is good to choose one that is airtight. Airtight, in many case, means smell proof. The odors stay trapped inside the tube making it odor proof. This means your joint will also maintain its freshness.

What are Doob Tubes?

A doob tube is one the best container to store your pre-rolled marijuana in. These small tubes are airtight making them smell proof and moisture resistant. They are super convieint on the go for storing a one or two joints. A doob tube is a commonly used “nickname” for a pre-roll tube. It ensures freshness, protects the product from damage, and keeps it out of reach of children.

Do Doob Tubes Actually Work?

Doob tubes work excellent for storing your prerolled joints. The fact that doob tubes are airtight is what helps your weed maintain maximum freshness while your product being store inside of the tube. Our doob tubes are made smell, moisture, and air proof so your product stays fresh on the shelf. No one recommends their flower to be dried out and stale.

Can Dogs Smell Doob Tubes?

If your prerolls are in an airtight doob tube containers. It is unlikely that a k9 drug dog will be able to sniff it out. Dogs are not able to sniff through any smell proof containers. Although, it is not likely they will sniff it, it is important you wipe down any cannabis residue on the outside of the containers. This increases your chances of not getting caught and ensures the dogs do not smell your product.

How many grams in a pre-rolled joint?

This depends on the size of the pre-rolled joint. Pre-rolled joints typically are rolled in 0.5, 0.75, or 1 gram cone. To see how many grams in in your specific joint, it is best to check the label. The length of these cones are usually 83mm, 98mm, or 109mm but that is before rolling and twisting down the tip of the cone. The most common joint size sold by dispensaries and growers are the one gram joint.

Do Doob Tubes Hide Smell?

Some doob tubes are smell proof, while others are not. Most doob tube have a smell proof design. An airtight doob tube is able hide smell and they do so, effectively. The airtight seal keeps the odor locked inside the tubes. Store your weed in a doob tube and the smell will be discreet allowing you to take it anywhere you’d like.

How do you Smell Proof a Joint?

The best way to smell proof a joint is to use an airtight preroll or doob tube. Our doob tubes block out moisture, odor, and air from getting in or out of your tube. This masks the smell of your cannabis joint making it discreet and helping it maintain its freshness which is important for all the around taste of your smoke.

What is a Doob Tube used for?

Doob tubes are used for specially for storing your pre-rolled joints. Their sleek slim design make them discreet and perfect for carrying around your joints without the cannabis odor lingering around you. These compact tubes can help you store a joint in your pocket with it getting damaged. This preroll packaging is an odor less method of storing your cannabis joints.

How Long is a Doob Tube?

Doob tubes come in various sizes. Our standard pop top doob tubes come in 98mm, 109mm and 116mm. These will fit your three standard preroll cone sizes. For labels, it is best to measure your preroll tube, so you do not risk making the the wrong length. If you are looking to store a blunt it is best to use a tube that is 116mm long. This tube can fit a king size cone or a prerolled blunt.

How Long can a Joint Last in a Tube?

A pre-roll joint packaged away in a tube can last anywhere from 2 months to about a year. Using a preroll tube is a great way to reverse for cannabis joints. Preroll tubes are air tight and provide and excellent barrier when it comes to keeping air out of the tube and coming into contact with your buds. Although, we recommended using your cannabis directly after purchasing, leaving it in the tube will not necessarily hurt the cannabis, if you do not wait too long.