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Customizing your Dab Pen Cartridges

Want your company to be known in the vaping market, but don't know where to start? Printed vape cartridges may be the answer. Custom branded vape oil cartridges can be personalized, and customized with your logo or brand. Creating a beautiful empty oil cartridge for your business can do wonders for your sales!

A vape cartridge is a device that can vaporize oils. Concentrate pens allow users to consume cannabis without combustion. The dab pen cartridges contain dab oils, which is heated by a coil. Vape cartridges are commonly used by vapors to vaporize e-liquid, live resin, CBD, cannabis concentrate, delta 8 distillate and other vaping materials. These pens are extremely popular, and can have benefits over other smoking options. 510 oil cartridges can also be referred to as vaping cartridges, thc carts, weed pen cartridges, wax carts, 510 threaded oil tanks. CBD oil cartridges, delta 8 vape cartridge, or cannabis oil cartridges.

Weed pens common in many medical dispensary stores. They are a popular item because they keep the concentrate fresh and reduce the need for herb to be ground up. Thc vape pens are well liked because they are compact, easy to conceal and use. Dab oil pens use a battery-powered system to heat up the oils on the end of a tube, turning them into vapor. The device is lightweight and easy to carry.

Here at BRANDMYDISPO, we offer personalized vape oil cartridges perfect for any vaping needs. Our wax pen vape cartridges are made with fully ceramic coil and can be printed with your logo. These empty vape cartridges allow for compatibility with any 510 thread compatible rechargeable vape battery. Disposable vape oil cartridges are a discreet luxurious way to advertise your concentrate brand.

Dab Cartridge Styles

There are many things to consider when looking to create the best dab pen cartridge for your concentrate company. There are a number of styles of glass cartridge vapes, including those that cater to your different needs. We offer wax cartridges in a variety of styles. Our thc vape cartridges are customizable so that you can create the perfect cartridge to deliver your brand’s message. Our 510 cartridge styles include:

  • Clear tip

  • Wood tip

  • White tip

  • Black tip

  • Silver Tip

  • Gold Tip

With so many options available, finding the best concentrate pen cartridge for your needs is simple. We are also here to help with the selection process. Our wide range of empty 510 cartridges are not only affordable, but also made with high quality ceramic coils for a clean and pure vape experience. Shop with us today, and we will have the best dab cartridge in your hands before you know it!

Wax Cartridge Sizes

Oil cartridges or 510 threaded vape pen cartridges also come in a multitude of different sizes. 510 thread vape cartridges can be used with any cartridge pen, as long as you make sure that your vaporizer has a 510 threaded connection. Cartridge vaporizer sizes can also vary from company to company. The size of the wax cartridge is determined by the type of wax that it holds. Our sizes include:

  • Half gram cartridges (0.5ml : 0.5g)

  • Full gram cartridges (1ml : 1g)

Half gram and full gram vape cartridges have been enjoying a boom in popularity over the last few years. The vape industry is becoming more diverse as well, with new types of products being introduced every day.

Custom Vape Cartridges

When designing your wax pen cartridge consider how your brand can be expressed in a visual language. Think about the colors and shapes that are important to you. Take careful consideration. This will help guide the design choices you make. Customizing vape cartridges is a trend that has been on the rise for the past few years. These 510 thc oil cartridges printed with a logo have been a source of revenue for many different concentrate manufacturers and cannabis dispensaries alike.

We offer different custom dab pen styles and sizes to fit your preferences. With BRANDMYDISPO, you can create a vape pen cartridge that is uniquely yours. Our 510 ceramic cartridges can be filled with the purest concentrates and customized to match your brand’s taste. Whether you are customizing your marijuana vapes, delta 8 vape cartridges, or thc pens, we have a custom cartridge style that will fit your need.

Our empty 510 vape cartridges can be printed with your logo on them. Perfectly sized to fit in any 510 thread battery, these vape oil cartridges can be printed with any custom logo design. This includes one color print in any color such as red, orange, green, red, blue, yellow, etc. With a logo printed on them, these dab cartridges are sure to grab attention!

Free Design Services

Design is a crucial element in any company’s success. It has been observed that companies with great design tend to outperform their competitors. Our free design services are a good way to get your CBD or cannabis vape cartridge business noticed.

At BRANDMYDISPO, our dispensary packaging design services are included with every customized purchase. We provide high-quality custom packaging design services to every client. We can create the brand assets you want to see on your oil pen cartridges such as your custom logo or graphic design with your desired color. We are one of the only empty oil cartridge manufacturers that provides free custom dispensary packaging design services with every order!

Bulk Vape Cartridges

Buying vape cartridges wholesale is a great way to save money and get high-quality vaping supplies for your next order. We provide a wide variety of vaping supplies, including weed vape pen cartridges, custom vape cartridge packaging and more. Wholesale vape cartridges are typically used by growers or dispensaries who prefer to buy in bulk and save money. Bulk wax cartridges also make it easy for users to stock up on their favorite strain of marijuana.

Our bulk empty cartridges can be purchased at low prices and are can be used in conjunction with various vaporizers, delivering a uniquely satisfying vaping experience. Wholesale discounts are offered based on quantity ordered. View our bulk pricing on wholesale 510 cartridge vapes! Don’t see your quantity listed? We welcome bulk inquiries, so request a quick quote give us a call today at (469) BRANDME.

Make your own Vape Pen Cartridge!

Creating the best dab pen cartridge can be complicated without a design, but we are here to help. We make it simple to create your own custom branded cartridges. We offer an easy way for you to create a design with our professionals or make your own custom artwork. Whether you are looking to create custom dab carts, CBD wax carts, distillate cannabis carts, delta 8 carts, or live resin medical marijuana cartridges, we have the tools to make your dream 510 vape pen cartridge come true.

Once you place an order our designer will contact you to discuss your artwork. We have a wide range of different artists that can assist in creating custom designs for your thc cartridges. After your approval of the artwork, your custom vape cartridges will then be handcrafted by our team of skilled professionals. Create your own today!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use 510 Thread Cartridges?

Simply fill your empty cartridge and it is ready to connect a dab pen battery. Dab pen cartridges easily connect to a universal 510 pen battery. The dab pen batteries can easily be charged on any USB port. Wax pens are portable, easy to use, and provide quick and discreet delivery of cannabis concentrates making them a popular choice for delta 8 and thc vaporizer enthusiasts.

What do I need to get Started?

We have a wide range of different artists that can assist in creating custom designs for your weed cartridges or empty cbd cartridges. All you need to get started is an idea. Select the size and type of that you would like us to create for you and start creating. Our process for creating your own 510 thread pen cartridge is effortless.

How do I get Started?

If you want to create your own unique cartridges, you can start by placing an order for our personalized vape pen cartridges directly from our website. Once you've placed your order, our team will work with you to help you create the best concentrate pen design possible! If you already have your artwork, you can upload it here.