Custom Cans


Weed Cans

Dispensaries use cans not only because of their great look, but mainly because of their long term shelf life. The shelf life of a dispensary tin can be up to 2 years. Cannabis cans are airtight and smell proof which will not only keep the buds fresh but it makes the cannabis flower super discreet for the consumer. When opening a fresh can of weed, you will notice the buds are fresh as they were when flower was first stored.

Pressitin Cans

Another type of marijuana tin cans are the Pressitin cans. These tin cans are famous because of their ability to be super easy to seal. No machine is needed when sealing. The press it in bottom was made to be pushed in. Instead of sealing you can from the top like a normal tuna can, you will press in the bottom and peel it back like a regular can when are are ready to use the contents inside.

3.5 Gram Cans

These 3.5g cans are 100ml. They fit an 1/8 oz or 3.5 grams of cannabis flower. The cans are offer in both machine seal and Pressitin hand sealable cans. The 3.5 gram can is the size most often used cannabis can by dispensaries or growers in the marijuana industry because it is the perfect size for weed smokers looking to purchase nice amount of fresh buds.

7 Gram Cans

These 7g cans are 200ml. They fit an 1/4 oz or 7 gram of marijuana flower. The quarter ounce cannabis cans are offer in both machine seal and Pressitin hand sealable. These airtight and smell proof dispensary cans are a great choice when you want a can built with a little bit more room for your flower. The cans are also great choice for packaging your edible gummies.

Clear Cans

Clear marijuana cans let the consumer get a quick look at the cannabis flower before purchasing it. This is why the clear plastic cans are so popular amongst cannabis can packaging. Being able to check out the buds and see how good they look before buying is a great addition to buying flower for a consumer. Customers are able to get a scope of what they are buying while the buds remain airtight and safe inside the cannabis can.

Weed Cans

If you haven’t seen weed in cans yet, you most likely live in a state or region where cannabis is not legal or where is has not been legal for a long time. Weed cans are a convient way to for the cannabis to make it fresh and safely from the grower to the consumer. Tin weed cans usually come in eighth size, but we also offer a quarter size if you are looking to package a bit more bud.

Canned Weed

Canning your weed is highly effective to prevent it from drying out and becoming stale fast. After all, no weed smoker wants to open up their buds to only find out they have went bad. If you are looking for long-term storage canning could be the number one way of keeping your buds fresh for the longest period of time.

Weed Containers

All weed is recommended in be stored in an airtight weed container. Our cannabis cans airtight smell, moisture, and water proof. These weed containers offer the maximum shelf life for you weed flower. Medical marijuana is best when stored in an air tight weed container because it does not lose any its strong aromas or potent flavor. This is key to a good smoking bud.

Press it in Cans

Our press it in cans offer many features that making putting your cannabis in a can for retail purpose super simple. The Pressitin can provides an easier way to seal than your standard way of sealing a can. Pressitin cans are not necessarily airtight but they still are a beautiful and stylish way to package your cannabis flower for retail.

Machine Seal Cans

A machine is the most common way to seal a cannabis can. To seal the weed cans seamer is required. Make sure your can seamer has the right side mold before using. Using a machine to seal cans is a fast and simple process. Sealing your marijuana tin cans is how you make the can airtight. Which locks out any air or moisture and locks in the smell and the flavor. These machine seal marijuana cans are 

Cannabis Cans

Our custom cannabis cans comes with the lids and labels included. The lid goes on top of the can so you can reseal the can after peeling the metal lid back. A company’s custom brand or logo looks great on the top lid label and the side labels of your custom labeled cannabis cans.

Self Sealing Can

As mentioned above, the Pressitin cans are a self sealing can that can be done with your hands. Most of the time, if you were selling a can you would seal the top of it. These cans are already sealed on the top with a peel back tuna can style lid but the bottom of the cannabis can is left off so you can throw your buds in and snap on the bottom.

Pressitin Cans with Labels

Our Pressitin cans comes with labels included. The cans are labeled and ready to use when you receive them. The pressitin tin cans are super simple to use and can save you a ton of time and money when buying the cans with the labels already attached to them. Let our team of professionals help you design your Pressitin can labels, free of charge.

Cans with Labels

Marijuana Tin Cans with labels look unbelievably sleek for cannabis packaging. This is a great way to take your cannabis branding to the next level. Since your packaging reflect your brand, it is essential to have packaging that includes your company’s branding or logo. Our design team will design your labels free of charge or we can send you the tin can label template for you to customize your self.

Pressitin Labels

Usually, after purchasing Pressitin cans you would need to find the labels. Our Pressitin can cannabis cans come with the labels included. The cans are labeled and ready to go. If you are in a situation where you need the Pressitin can labels only, you can request a quote from our team for you custom printed labels that will fit perfectly on your 3.5 or 7 gram cannabis cans.

Plastic Cans

Clear plastic cannabis cans, like stated above are a really popular option when considering cannabis canning. Our transparent plastic marijuana tin cans are built durably to ensure your cannabis meets your standards after it has sat on the shelf for a few months. Knowing your cannabis will still be fresh even after months of sitting their is oddly satisfying for the grower and the consumer.

Canning your Weed

Canned cannabis flower is particularly fresh because it has been store away in a dark, airtight can. Canning your weed can prolong the shelf life to last up to a year or longer. The airtight technology the cans provide is the reason they keep the weed fresh for so long. The cans are also odor less and discreet because of the smell proof seal.

Marijuana Tin Cans

In conclusion, packaging your buds in a marijuana is a cool and effective way to get the job done. Our cannabis cans are offered in a few different sizes and can accommodate 3.5 to 7 grams of cannabis flower. These are tight container keep you bud looking, smelling, top-shelf every time. Both sizes of these weed containers come custom labeled with your brands logo or artwork.