Sustainable Cannabis Packaging


Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Sustainable packaging is a great option for buyers looking to show off their cannabis in eco-friendly packaging. Our biodegradable cannabis packaging offers products ranging from custom printed bags to tubes that are all 100% bio-based. Reducing cannabis packaging waste is essential in todays market. With the popularity of cannabis and recreational cannabis being legal in most of the United States and Canada, cannabis packaging pays an important role in the cannabis and CBD industry 

Switching to eco-friendly cannabis packaging is not only innovative and great for your brand, it is also sustainable for the earth. We make biodegradable weed packaging not so expensive and affordable biodegradable packaging plays an important role in the decision the buyer chooses when buying their marijuana packaging. 

Eco-friendly Marijuana Packaging

Go green when ordering your next batch of marijuana packaging with sustainable top of the line alternatives. Our team set our to find the top cannabis products that were eco-friendly to the environment and also would hold up your product. These compostable packaging picks are great for any dispensary, grower, or any retail business looking to innovate their packaging sustainably. 

Biodegradable Packaging Bags

Our sustainable bags are a top-seller in biodegradable packaging. Biodegradable packaging bags are commonly used the food and retail industry used in exchange of plastic bags. These eco-friendly bags are 100% recyclable and are also offer with a child resistant zipper seal so you can lock out any children and stay compliant with your states laws and regulations. Biodegradable pouches a commonly picked product in terms of biodegradable packaging.

Biodegradable Preroll Tubes

Our biodegradable preroll tubes are an incredible choice for sustainable pre roll tubes, when considering the amount of preroll tubes that get disposed of. These tubes are 100% recyclable. The tubes offer a child resistant button if you are looking to make the childproof and compliant with your states marijuana laws and regulations. Our tubes are cost effective for prerolls and are even offered at a discounted rate when purchase in bulk or wholesale.

Biodegradable Vape Cartridge Box

Our biodegradable vape cartridge boxes are also a stunning choice when choosing a vape cart box for you wax or distillate cartridge. These vape cartridge boxes are compostable and are made to fit a 0.5 to 1 gram vape cartridge. Our biodegradable cartridge boxes are affordable and are even discounted, if you choose to buy them in bulk quantities.

Biodegradable Wax Packaging

Our biodegradable wax packaging consist of sustainable wax envelopes used for storing your dabs, wax or shatter. Concentrate oils are one of the popular selling product in the cannabis and CBD industry, making the packaging of your dabs biodegradable could cut a remarkable style of waste. Tons of dabbers already have way too many glass dab containers laying around that they do not know what to do with.

Biodegradable Envelopes

These biodegradable shatter envelopes, used for wax and dabs, are high quality compostable craft paper printed with biodegradable ink. These envelopes are 100% recyclable. Shatter envelopes are already widely used among grower and dispensaries packaging their cannabis concentrates. Why not choose an environment friendly choice for your dab packaging.

Biodegradable Boxes

Our eco-friendly boxes are also some of highest quality biodegradable craft paper printed with biodegradable ink. These boxes are sturdy and built to last. Packaging your vape cartridges in a biodegradable boxes looks super elegant. Seeing these boxes will make you rethink your packaging.

Biodegradable Mylar Bags

Our wonderful biodegradable pouch bags are not actually made out of mylar but the material resemble a mylar bag. Biodegradable packaging bags are commonly used in the food storage industry and made it to the cannabis industry years ago. Mylar Bags are an extremely popular choice when it comes to cannabis packaging because of their ability to be low-priced. These biodegradable packaging bags are also cost-effective when looking for packaging bags.

Custom Biodegradable Bags

Our sustainable packaging bags are able to be custom printed and tailor to the size of your choice. With the help of our design team, you can put virtually anything on these bags. From a simple logo to complex artwork our team is here to assist you along you custom compostable packaging bags. Our team includes  your customized design free of charge, along with your packaging.

Custom Biodegradable Boxes

Our sustainable boxes offer custom printing and are able to customized to the size of your liking. Make your own biodegradable boxes tailored to your specific requirements. Our design team can help you along your branding process offering free logo and artwork for packaging design on your biodegradable boxes. Start making your own custom biodegradable boxes today.

Biodegradable Dispensary Packaging

All of our sustainable dispensary packaging can be a great option depending on which product you are packaging. Bags are great for storing flower, prerolls, cartridges, edibles, food and more. Boxes are great for storing your vape cartridges, preroll, concentrate jars, etc. Biodegradable tubes are great for storing any prerolled joints. Lastly, biodegradable envelopes are great for storing you shatter or seeds.

Sustainable Dispensary Packaging

If sustainable packaging suits you or your cannabis business, it is great to find a well-known biodegradable cannabis packaging company. We offer some of the most advanced technologies to make your dispensary packaging sustainable. Some vendors will only use biodegradable marijuana packaging for their cannabis products. 

Biodegradable Marijuana Packaging

Bags, tubes, boxes, and envelopes are all available in our wide range of biodegradable packaging options.  Choosing a more sustainable cannabis packaging can be a great marketing or advertising tactic for your company or brand but this is just one of the many beneficial qualities our biodegradable marijuana packaging features.

Sustainable Marijuana Packaging

In conclusion, marijuana packaging that is is biodegradable, eco-friendly, recyclable, and compostable. This is why it is considerably, one of best options when looking to upgrade you packaging to a more sleek, stylish, modern look. We offer durable, strong and long-lasting packaging to the marijuana industry.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Biodegradable Marijuana Packaging 

Why Choose Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging?

Choosing biodegradable weed packaging is an asset to your cannabis business. Consumers love seeing brands that are environment friendly and will even consider paying more for the product, when it is. Biodegradable packaging is not much more expensive than your normal packaging so it is easily considered.

What Marijuana Packaging is Biodegradable?

Our eco friendly marijuana packaging consists of bags, tubes, boxes, and concentrate envelopes. This collection of sustainable cannabis packaging is a great option for small and large cannabis vendors. If you are a grower, dispensary, or even just a retail business, we may have some biodegradable packaging that will benefit you and your business.

What is The Best Sustainable Marijuana Packaging?

There are a ton of ways you can make your cannabis packaging sustainable. We offer a collection of products fit to make you biodegradable cannabis packaging shopping experience a breeze. From bags to boxes, we can help you with sustainable marijuana packaging for just about any of your cannabis products.

Are Mylar Bags Biodegradable?

Mylar is made from polyester film and plastic sheets. This means that most mylar bags are not biodegradable. Although, most are not. We offer a biodegradable mylar type pouch bag that is perfect for almost all packaging need. Storage your cannabis, edibles, gummies, cookies, and more in these sustainable earth friendly bags.

What are Dispensary Bags Made of?

Dispensary bags are made of mylar. Mylar Bags are commonly used in the cannabis industry by grower, dispensaries, and even normal people just using them for personal storage. Mylar bags are smell proof, airtight, even water and moisture resistant. This making them great for storing cannabis for short or long term.