Custom Boxes


Dispensary Boxes

Using boxes for your dispensary packaging is typical for packaging various products in the cannabis market. Boxes are great for packaging almost anything from vape cartridges to concentrate containers. Adding a dispensary boxes to your product made it look more professional while also attracting clients with an eye-popping designs. 

Our boxes include full color printing, so you can print any colored artwork you’d like. Our boxes include a finish of either gloss or matte and are fully customizable. We also offer specialty printing such as gold metallic foil, UV spot printing, embossing, hot stamping, holographic finish, glitter finish, custom shaped windows and more. These custom printed and die-cut boxes will convey your brand’s message and separate your products from the crowd.

Custom Printed Dispensary Boxes

Boxes printed a company’s logo or artwork are a great way to make you brand more eye-catching and unique. We offer some of the best quality custom printed dispensary boxes. Our custom cannabis boxes are offered with the design services completely free. Yes, free. Our team of professional is here to help you along your branding journey. They can provide you with any custom artwork or design that you have in mind for your custom printed dispensary boxes. From simple and sleek to cartoon design, our team can get your branding where you dream of.

Preroll Boxes

Packaging your prerolls in preroll boxes is an extremely common way to package your pre rolled joint cones. We offer custom printed joint preroll boxes that come in one packs, three packs, and five packs. If you prefer, we can also make a custom sized pack to the size of your liking. These premium boxes are offer in various sizes and will be sure to give your weed packaging a more desirable look while sitting on the shelf. 

Concentrate Boxes

If you are looking to brand your concentrate container in a stylish way, custom printed concentrate box packaging can take your branding to the next level. These concentrate boxes are made custom for any sized 3ml, 5ml, 7ml, 9ml, or 10ml concentrate container. These folded boxes for your dab containers will surely help explode sales while adding a luxury feeling to your marijuana concentrates.

Vape Cartridge Boxes

The most popular way to package any vape cartridge is a custom printed vape cartridge box. Our vape cartridges are great for packaging any of your marijuana concentrate oils or distillate oils. These cart boxes are extremely easy to use and are custom printed to fit any 0.5 to 1 gram vape cartridge. Whether you are a grower or a dispensary, vape cartridge box packaging is almost an essential when selling any vape cartridge.

Weed Subscription Box

Subscription boxes for weed are a new trend in cannabis packaging. These boxes are perfect for a weed subscription box and are also useful as a box to hold in your cannabis bags or jars. These boxes are trendy because subscription boxes are on the rise. Customers also love buying their weed in bulk and seeing them in these luxury weed subscription boxes that are fully custom printed inside and out.

Child Resistant Boxes

All most all of are child resistant boxes have the ability to be made in a child proof verson. Whether you are shopping around for preroll boxes, vape cartridge boxes, or concentrate boxes, you can stay compliant while your state or regions marijuana packaging laws and regulations while also keeping any child locked out. Request a quote for the child proof box that will best fit you and your teams needs.

Display Boxes

Retail display boxes are a great addition to the look of your product on the shelf. You can package your concentrates containers, jars, preroll tubes, packaging bags, or whichever product you would like in a case. This is great for selling your products in wholesale and and for consumers who like to purchase in bulk. Our display boxes are making totally custom to fit your products and will give your product a more attractive look when sitting on the counter.

1 Pack Preroll Box

Our 1 pack preroll box is great for storing just one prerolled joint. These boxes are custom sized to fit any joint from a half gram to a king size preroll cone. These slim boxes are a popular choice if you a just looking to packaging 1 of your preroll cones in branded box. Fully customizable with full color printing and special effects available.

3 Pack Preroll Box

Our 3 pack preroll box is the perfect choice when looking to store 3 prerolled joints in a box. These three pack preroll boxes are custom designed and printed to fit any half gram to king size preroll joints. These boxes are light weight, slim, and can fit inside your pocket. Our 3 pack box includes full customization with your brands artwork or logo design. 

5 Pack Preroll Box 

Our 5 pack preroll box is a cigarette style box that can be flipped open and close. These trendy preroll boxes are custom cut and specifically designed to fit your 83mm, 98mm, or 116mm gram preroll joint cones. This cigarette style box preroll is the most popular boxes to package your pre rolled joint inside. The box will perfect hold five of your marijuana pre rolls whether they are half gram or full gram joints.

Custom Boxes

All of are boxes have the ability to be customized with your brands logo or artwork. Branding is key to attracting an audience. Our custom printed boxes are thick, durable, and made to last. Branding your own custom preroll, vape cartridge, concentrate boxes, subscriptions boxes, ect. has never been easier and our free design services make it a breeze for you and your team. Not everyone can made their own cannabis designs and design work can be expensive. Our free design services make it even more cost-effective for you to buy your custom boxes with us.  

Cartridge Boxes

Vape cartridge boxes are not only great for branding, these boxes are great for protecting your vape cartridges as well. Cartridge boxes hold your vape cartridge into place and protect them from banging against each other. Your cartridges will fit snug inside your custom boxes. If you prefer, we can make our custom cartridge box tailored to your exact size. This cart packaging is great for transportation since vape cartridges are made of glass and can very easily crack or break.

Biodegradable Dispensary Boxes

If you are looking for a more sustainable marijuana packaging option for your dispensary boxes, almost all of our cannabis boxes are available in biodegradable kraft paper with eco friendly ink. Choosing a biodegradable option for your marijuana packaging boxes is a great look for your brand and you will also be helping out the earth as well. Get your vape cartridge, preroll, and dab container boxes in biodegradable next time around.

Child Resistant Cartridge Boxes

When packaging your vape cartridges, you may find out that your state or region requires a child resistant box for all marijuana products that are distributed. Child resistant cartridge boxes are perfect for storing your cartridges and staying compliant while keeping any young ones out. Our child resistant sliding cartridge box is offered with a child resistant button that keeps you complaint. 

Child Resistant Concentrate Boxes

Concentrate boxes are super popular but in some states or regions they will still need to be child resistant. Child resistant concentrate boxes keep your marijuana products compliant with the marijuana laws and regulations in your state or region. Our sliding concentrate box is offered with a child resistant button lock that can surely lock any children out and from getting into your concentrate oils.

Cigarette Style Boxes

Our preroll boxes are offered in a cigarette style box. These are arguably one of best ways to package your prerolls because they are super convenient for the consumer. Pop them open, grab a joint, a slide them back into your pocket. These cigarette style preroll boxes are another hot trend. This box fits 5 prerolled joints but we can also customize it to fit 6, 10 or whichever size best fits you. 

Dab Container Boxes

Marijuana concentrate jars are very often packaged in a container then place inside a box. Boxes for your dab containers are incredibly popular in the cannabis industry. This is because they are a great way to promote your concentrate container. Since your packaging reflects your brand, it is best to come up with or let our team help you come up with some dope dab container packaging that fits along the lines of your brand.

Dispensary Boxes

If you have even been inside a dispensary, you’ve probably look inside the glass casing or on the shelf and seen a ton of dispensary products in boxes. Custom dispensary boxes are an affordable, yet effective way to package any of your cannabis products. We make customizing your printed dispensary boxes easy. Grab a template and start working on your design or let our design team handle your branding with our 100% free design services.

Concentrate Container Box

Some of the best concentrate packaging you will see are concentrate container boxes. These boxes have taken off in the cannabis industry. These mini dab container boxes are perfect for a glass or plastic concentrate container. They are available with a matte or gloss finish. We also can print special effects on them like gold metallic foil, UV spot printing, holographic, and more. Whether you are packaging a round or our square qube jars these boxes are a high-quality resin storage option.

Marijuana Boxes

Usually, the marijuana itself is not packaged in a box but you may want to package your jar, tin can, or concentrate container in a nice sleek box to help promote your brand. Having custom packaging is essentially an advertisement to the consumer. Custom printing your marijuana boxes can make your brand a better choice than the competition. Full color print and customization is available on across all of our marijuana packaging boxes.

Wax Packaging Boxes

After packaging your wax inside a concentrate container, you may want to put it inside of a box. Our wax packaging boxes are great for storing your mini concentrate containers in. Our dab container boxes are offer in unbelievably low minimums so that even small time growers or dispensaries can offer their product in a luxurious fashion and create wax packaging that is jaw-dropping.

Retail Boxes

Display boxes for retail are one of the best ways to sell your product in cases. Our retail boxes allow you to put multiple pieces of your product into one case and offer to your clients in bulk. These work great for storing mylar bags, pre roll tubes, cartridge boxes and so much more. These retail display boxes are exceptionally low-priced and the price per unit gets even cheaper the more you order. Create your custom retail box with artwork that stands out.

Concentrate Jar Boxes

Essentially, this folding carton is a secondary packaging for dab concentrate containers. These dab packaging boxes protect the concentrate, this is great a method of packaging for transportation because you will not find you glass concentrate containers clinking together and breaking. Concentrate boxes are an easy packaging solution for your cannabis concentrate jars. Whether you're looking to package shatter, extract, wax, hash, sauce, rosin, oil or dabs our concentrate boxes are a great addition to your concentrate jar containers.

Cannabis Boxes

Boxes for your cannabis prerolls, concentrate containers, jars, vape cartridges, or other marijuana products a great marketing tool. These boxes are offer with tons of different printing styles and fast turnaround times. We will design and manufacture your cannabis boxes will any artwork or logo design you would like to see on them. Our bulk custom boxes have the most unbeatable pricing in the market.

Custom Printed Marijuana Boxes

Making custom printed boxes for your marijuana products with our team is easy. Our team focuses on making your custom marijuana packaging process as simple as possible. In 2019, our team set out to make custom marijuana packaging that was extremely affordable and offered premium quality with the lowest minimums in the industry. Our dispensary packaging branding process is easily one of the best choices for marijuana and CBD packaging.

Weed Boxes

As mentioned above weed itself is not usually packaged in boxes because they are not airtight and smell proof. Weed may come in a subscription box or inside a jar that is placed inside of a box though. Packaging in weed boxes can accommodate your cannabis prerolls, concentrate containers, jars, vape cartridges, mylar bags, preroll tubes, preroll joints, and so much more.

Marijuana Packaging Boxes

In conclusion, the best CBD and marijuana brands in the industry are usually packaged with sleek custom printed packaging. Custom boxes can be an asset to your custom weed packaging. Our marijuana packaging boxes is will leave your mark on the buyers, when they purchase your products with beautiful custom branding, it is also a plus that they are notably cheap and the price per box get even lower the more you buy. Start making your own marijuana dispensary boxes and be a leader of the pack.