Plastic PET Jars


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BRANDMYDISPO is your one-stop-shop for custom plastic containers. Whether you need small plastic jars or a large custom containers, we offers the perfect packaging solution. The best part? We include free packaging design with every purchase!

Design with ease

Customize your custom jar packaging with free label design service! Our designers will create a unique plastic jar design just for you. Already have a design? Simply upload your design and we'll take care of the rest. From printing to shipping, we'll handle it all.

Quality, Guaranteed

Our clear plastic jars are durable and will last for years. The jar comes with a tamper evident lid that seals tightly. Our custom jar labels are resistant to water and moisture so they will stay intact even when wet.

Sizes for every need

We offer different sizes of empty plastic jars with lids to suit any business need. These plastic containers can be used for plastic food storage jars or as custom weed jars! Buy plastic jars with lids confidently!

Unbeatable prices

Our bulk plastic jar prices are competitive, with no hidden costs or surprises so you can be sure you're getting the best deal out there. Take advantage of our free custom jar label design service at no extra cost!

Plastic Jars

Round plastic jars are a common material for storing food, CBD flower and other products. They are often made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Clear plastic jars with lids have been used for many years as a way of storing and carrying food. They are light, durable and can be stacked easily.

Clear PET plastic jars with lids have many benefits for the food industry. First of all, they are affordable. Plastic storage jars with lids can be bought in bulk and they don't break easily like glass jars do. Plastic jar packaging has also made it easier for consumers to find their favorite food or strain, as the jar label becomes recognizable.

Plastic containers for packaging can be essential for food and retail packaging. Custom labeled plastic jars and containers are vital to making your products look premium and professional. With a variety, you can find the perfect jar to fit your needs. Whether you're branding cookies or marijuana flower, our plastic screw jars will keep your products safe from outside elements until it reaches its destination.

2 oz Plastic Jars

Packaging is more than just a container in which to put your product. It is part of an integrated system that communicates through design, form, and material choices. Our 2 oz plastic jars with lids are durable and perfect for storing small items. They are an excellent option for food & beauty products, flower, spices, and more.

Our 2 oz clear plastic jars with lids are transparent so customers can see the product inside, and they have a wide mouth opening so you can easily fill them with product. The lids seal tightly to keep product fresh. Plastic weed jars have become a popular choice for many cannabis dispensaries and marijuana growers. They are inexpensive, wide-ranging in design, and can be made to the customer's specifications.

3 oz Plastic Jars

We've got you covered for all your packaging needs. Whether you're looking for something small or large, we've got the perfect plastic jar for you. Our 3 oz plastic jars are perfect for flower, nuts, candy, and more. The 3 oz plastic jars with lids are perfect for storage and come with custom jar labels, free of charge.

With our 3 oz container packaging, you can package virtually anything! These plastic jar containers with lids are heavy duty, durable, versatile, and come with custom printed jar labels. Our wholesale plastic jars with screw lids provide a cost effective way of packaging your retail products.

Custom Plastic Jars

Custom plastic containers with lids are the best way to pack up your products in style! Whether you're looking for a plastic clear jar to pack up your edible sweets, dry goods, cannabis flower or even liquids, we've got you covered. Our custom plastic jars with lids come in a variety of sizes, so you're sure to find what you need right here. These custom product containers will work to integrate your company's design and logo while maximizing the space allocated for branding.

Brand your Jars!

Get the best of both worlds with these sturdy hard plastic jars. Our jars are perfect for storing anything from coffee grounds to hemp and more. They're not just any old everyday jar, they're jars custom labeled with your brand. These jars will not only serve as a protective container for your products, they'll also help you create a beautiful, professional-looking packaging display.

If you're in need of a custom plastic jars manufacturer, look no further. With BRANDMYDISPO, it's simple to brand your own custom packaging jars. We custom designs for your labels and lids. You can finally send off your product without feeling stressed about finding the right jar vendor - we've got you covered.