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Custom Printed Vape Cartridge Box With Window
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Custom Printed Vape Cartridge Box With Window
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Custom Printed Vape Cartridge Box With Window
Custom Printed Vape Cartridge Box With Window

Custom Printed Vape Cartridge Box with Window

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  • Size: 31.5 x 12.6 x 75.5 mm 
  • Fits: 0.5 to 1g cartridge 
  • Window: Optional 
  • Full-color printing. 
  • Includes FREE design services. 
  • No set up fees. 
  • No tape or glue needed to assemble. 
  • WILL NOT go into production until approved by you! 


custom vape boxes

Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

The extract industry is growing and as such there are a variety of vape cartridge packaging options to choose from. Cartridge containers can range anywhere from plastic cartridge tubes to mylar bags but one of the most widely used packaging options are custom vape boxes. As this is one of the most common types of packaging for vape cartridges, it’s important to know what to look for when creating your own custom cartridge packaging.

Packaging is a crucial part of marketing your product because it creates an initial impression and influences potential customers to purchase your product. Custom cartridge boxes make it possible to print your customized logo, artwork and graphics and include an attractive, eye-catching design that jumps off the shelf! Including helpful information such as the expiration date, ingredients, and your website can also be extremely useful when looking to grow your brand.

Successful marketing requires a brand to be recognizable, which is an important trait. Building a brand can be a confusing and difficult process. However, at BRANDMYDISPO, we have a team of branding experts and brand development strategists who can help you get your custom vape cartridge packaging off to the right start. With our cartridge box packaging, we offer free design services and a multitude of printing styles for you to choose from.

Our custom vape packaging boxes feature a window that will clearly display any standard 510 vape cartridge. Custom 510 boxes with a window ensure that your customers know exactly what they are buying. A window provides convenience for customers while showing off your dab cartridge at the same time.

Free Design Services

Ditch the troubles of finding the right graphics for your live resin cartridge packaging or CBD oil cartridge packaging, you can always work with our experienced designers. They can help to create cartridge packaging custom printed with your graphics that will leave a lasting impression on customers.

At BRANDMYDISPO, we specialize in designing custom packaging for a range of products. It is our mission to design the best vape cartridge packaging with your company’s brand in mind and ensure that the finished product reflects what your brand stands for. Our free design services help you effortlessly create your own custom vape packaging that will have everyone talking!

Looking to create a custom box size? At times only a personalized or custom sized box can be the best fit for your custom vape pod packaging or dab pens. Disposable vape pens can come in small, medium and large options. Our team of experts can help you create the perfect custom size for your vape pods, dab pen or custom project.

No Set Up Fees!

We set out to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. There are no setup fees or hidden costs to worry about. The best thing about our printing services is that they are affordable for both small and medium-sized businesses. You can get started within minutes online, and you don’t have to waste time on waiting for quotes with our instant pricing. If you are looking for high-quality empty cartridge packaging boxes that will leave a lasting impression, there is no better option.

Printing Styles

With our 510 vape cartridge packaging boxes, you can choose to print any colors or artwork. You'll save time, money and hassle. Our full-color printing enables you to have color printing without the need to pay extra for more colors. You also won’t have to worry about picking just a few colors to print. Print your custom design with a rainbow of colors and make your company stand out!

Along with the ability to choose any design for your dab cartridge packaging boxes, matte or gloss finish is an option included in the standard price. Matte dab pen boxes will have a soft touch while a gloss finished wax pen packaging will have a shiny finishing layer.

We are now happy to offer a variety of printing upgrades or add-ons for our oil cartridge packaging. For a small fee, customers can now choose to any of the following to their vape cartridge box template:

  • Holographic Finish

  • Silver Metallic Foil Printing

  • Gold Metallic Foil Printing

  • Embossed Printing

From holographic boxes to metallic foil boxes, our dispensary cartridge packaging boxes are designed to exceed your expectations. Design your own today or let our team do the work for you!

Wholesale Cartridge Box Packaging

If you’re looking for a great way to save on your packing needs, consider our wholesale custom vape boxes. We will help you create your packaging design, logo and printed boxes for you at a fraction of the cost while never comprising the quality. Buying custom printed vape cartridge boxes in bulk will save you time and you can stock up on your most popular flavor!

Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging

Vape cartridge boxes are used to store live resin cartridges, cannabis oil cartridges, delta 8 cartridges, CBD cartridges, and much more. Wax cartridge packaging boxes offer a cost-effective way to keep vape cartridges from getting damaged. Custom vape cartridge packaging boxes are often referred to as cart packaging boxes, weed cart boxes, thc cart packaging boxes, cart packages, wax cart packaging boxes, custom dab cart packaging boxes or vape cart packaging boxes. They protect your vape cartridges and prevent the glass from breaking. Vape oil cartridge boxes are also convenient and easy to use.

Having an aesthetically pleasing design and logo on your thc cartridge packaging can make your products stick out on the shelf and look more professional. You can utilize this as part of your advertising campaign to increase sales. Custom printed vape cartridge boxes a great way to attract new customers. Through eye-catching designs and colorful graphics, it's easy to convey your brand message through the product. Make a cartridge package that accurately matches your brand today!

Getting Started

Pairing our empty cartridges and packaging boxes with your custom printing can create a cohesive and thoughtful visual experience for your customers. We’ve offer a free design process that allows you to quickly start creating your own packaging. This means that you won’t have to come up with something from scratch and can instead rely on our professional designers.

Simply place an order for your desired quantity and discuss your design details with our helpful team for a customized proof via email. You will need to approve your design before we can start printing your order. If you already have a design for your cartridge boxes, please upload it here.

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