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Custom Printed 4X6 Mylar Bags (1/4)

Custom Printed 4x6” Mylar Bags (1/4)

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  • Dimensions: 4 x 6" inch 
  • Pouch size: 2” inch 
  • Thickness: 240 microns 
  • Fits: 1/4 oz or 7g 
  • Finish: Gloss or matte 
  • Corners: Round or square 
  • Full-color printing. 
  • Print any color design.
  • No set up or color plate fees. 
  • Front, back and bottom pouch printing. 
  • Add an optional window or hang hole. 
  • Includes FREE design services. 
  • WILL NOT go into production until approved by you! 


custom mylar bag printing

Custom Mylar Bags 4 x 6"

Mylar bags are becoming more and more popular in even more industries, and the trend is towards extreme customization. That's why durable containers such as smell proof bags are a no-brainer when it comes to finding that perfect packaging or weed bag. The best way to take your custom bags to the next level is by getting custom mylar bags. Say goodbye to old fashioned plastic bags, with printed mylar bags, you can choose to print any design and make them stand out.

We have mylar food storage bags or weed packaging bags that can be customized with custom printing on the front, back, and bottom. These stand up pouches are offered with diverse styles of printing for you to choose from. Custom pouches are a great packaging option for CBD, cannabis gummies, coffee, tea, and so much more! They are sturdy and long-lasting, making your company look professional. With multiple styles to choose from, there is a custom printed mylar bag option that will suit your needs.

Our custom resealable bags feature full-color designs with no color plates! It's a hassle-free process. At BRANDMYDISPO, we’ve developed a system to help you design your perfect custom stand up pouches so that you make mylar bags that are the envy of everyone who sees them. We are honored to offer top quality stash bags with custom printed designs for your printed in small batches or low minimums convenience.

These personalized pouches are sized are 4 × 6 inches with a 2 inch bottom, and will easily hold 7 gram of cannabis or goodies like a bag of chips or cookies. From 7 g weed bags to mylar bags for food storage, these custom logo bags provide the perfect packaging solution. It's also a very inexpensive way to brand with customization!

Free Mylar Bag Design Services

Pouch packaging has been around for years, but the traditional methods aren't always attractive or convenient. Custom printing your mylar bags can be a fun and creative way to make a lasting impression on your clients. However, it's hard to create custom mylar bags without a lot of design work. At BRANDMYDISPO, we encourage customization for convenience. Our mylar bag design services are included free so you can create your own custom bags without hassle. We ensure you get the highest quality bag design possible, no matter what your needs are.

Our custom printing crew can help you create the printed product your brand needs. Our designers can help you give your packaging a new look, whether that means designing food packaging bags or weed packages! You're also in luck when it comes to your custom logo, we're in the business of making sure that even your logo is high-quality and gets the attention it deserves.

Printing Styles

There are many different types of mylar packaging bags, ranging in styles and finishes. These bags are durable and can be reused or disposed of easily if you prefer single use packaging. You can choose rounded or squared corners, without charge, for your custom bags. Round corners can be a popular choice in the weed packaging industry.

We offer a standard matte or gloss finish, included at no added charge, on our custom pouches. The difference between a mylar bag and a standard gloss finish is the pouch will have a shiny finish to it. 

Our custom mylar bags, do not have set up fees or plate fees, so you can also print any color design you desire! This makes it easy for you to choose the bags you want without a premium price. Our full-color printing is included in the price of our mylar bags.

You may want to order your custom pouches with a different style than the default. Here's what upgrades or add-ons you can expect:

  • Holographic finish

  • Gold metallic foil

  • Silver metallic foil

Custom 7 Gram Bags

The 7 gram bag is on the rise because it's a lot easier to package things with it! These small, rectangle shaped bags can be easily store a quarter ounce of cannabis or CBD flower. A layer of protection for your products is offered by mylar packaging. Wrapped around your products, mylar baggies provide added durability and a secure way for transportation. The use of flexible packaging, in addition, is a fantastic way to avoid quality problems. Resealable mylar bags can help keep your product away from dust, dirt, or grime, which can lead to quality problems.

Customer engagement is good for your business and few things will convince people to become brand ambassadors better than custom mylar weed bags with your company's logo. Custom printed weed packs bags are an easy, yet affordable way to promote your dispensary business. They are available in a number of sizes with free design services to really get your brand noticed! An exotic weed bag designs can be a great way to market and advertise your business.

Packaging bags with different designs can help to stand out against the competition and attract new customers. The branding and way you display your product for sale can help to make a difference. Your logo can be printed on the smell proof bag, along with your custom graphics and colors. By including your contact information or a QR code, cannabis dispensary bags can even provide customers with a way to get in touch with your business. This is a great perk when consumers need help, want to learn more, or follow up about the products you sell.

With the printed bag made, all you need to do is fill it! It'll be ready to go no time and your cannabis will stay fresh and safe in a moisture proof, airtight bag. Each of our custom printed pouches feature a resealable zipper. A go-to option for consumers and dispensaries looking to custom package. These cannabis bags are the best option. Enjoy a low-cost option with quality, contemporary style.

Buy Mylar Bags in Bulk!

Bulk mylar bags are a great way to save money and stock up for the future. When you order a wholesale pouches, you will get more bags for the price of one. In most situations, it's cheaper to buy wholesale zipper pouches than ordering small batches. Bulk zipper pouches are a good investment, as they can be used for many products in the future.

We provide consumers with the highest quality bulk pouches at a low cost. We have the best wholesale prices on with free shipping on all orders over $400! If you're interested in wholesale mylar ziplock bags, check out our instant pricing or request a quote today!

Get Started

As always, you should design stand up pouch bag that is personalized and reflects your company's brand. You will able to find your signature style with our print options in various styles. When you order a customizable bag from us, not only will you be able to start printing your custom artwork on your resealable pouches, but our other offerings like ease of access and free designs come along with it to help you save time and money. 

When you’re ready, place an order with us, we'll contact you and discuss design details for your custom zipper pouches! We offer expert logo design services that will help your business stand out from the competition, even when they are in the same industry. You can also reach out to our team with any questions you might have about how we can help improve your brand identity. We'll make sure that you leave with your stand up pouches printed to perfection. With an emphasis on clarity and creativity, the design team at BRANDMYDISPO is dedicated to delivering customer experience.

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