1 oz bag
1 ounce weed bags
1 oz weed bags

Custom Printed 6x9" Mylar Bags (Oz)

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  • Dimensions: 6 x 9” inch 
  • Pouch size: 3” inch 
  • Thickness: 240 microns 
  • Fits: 1 oz or 28g 
  • Finish: Gloss or matte 
  • Corners: Round or square 
  • Full-color printing. 
  • Print any color design. 
  • No set up or color plate fees. 
  • Front, back and bottom pouch printing. 
  • Add an optional window or hang hole. 
  • Includes FREE design services. 
  • WILL NOT go into production until approved by you! 


mylar bags custom

Custom Mylar Bags 6 x 9"

With many mylar bags available, it is essential you have one that stands out from the rest. This ensures you can attract the most attention in the crowd and create a more visually appealing product, which can turn boost sales and revenue. You can't go wrong with custom mylar bags. These custom bags are not only stylish, but they are also easy to use, and they help keep your product fresh. Stand up pouches are effective for carrying all types of products, including marijuana and herbs. With printed mylar bags, you can choose to print any custom design and ensure it perfectly matches your brand personality.

BRANDMYDISPO provides a solution to create and custom brand packaging bags for businesses looking to find a unique way to present their product. We have a wide range of quality custom printed mylar bags that can be fully customized with front, back and bottom print for your brand. Our pouches are offer different printing styles, including holographic finish and metallic foils. To cater to your needs, we also provide quick turnaround times with low minimum runs.

The color printing process is nothing short of amazing. Your new flexible packaging pouch bags will be printed with intricate details, surely to bring your brand to life. We can custom-print your logo on our mylar packaging which allows you to take advantage of branding options at a low cost. You can now print your bags in any color with any artwork design you want. No printing plate or set up fees, just simple ordering and quality resealable bags with full-color printing!

Our 1 ounce or 28 gram weed bags are perfect for people who prefer to stock up their stash because they fit a standard ounce of weed. Customers love these, and we're sure you will too! These 1 ounce weed bags measure 6 x 9 inches and have a 3-inch bottom pouch. Some people use custom pouches for dispensary purposes, while others prefer to put it to better use with food storage. Custom stand up pouches bags are a priority, get your own custom resealable bags personalized today!

Free Mylar Bag Design Services

When you order a custom printed pouch on our site, our skilled graphic designers will work on your personalization ideas to make sure that the end result is unique and exactly what you envision. Design is important in all industries. It can be difficult to design a resealable pouch that is aesthetically pleasing and communicates your brand well. We make it easy to design your very own mylar packaging. That's right! Our services are great if you're in a hurry, busy, or just want to save time.

At BRANDMYDISPO, we offer free design services so that you can find the perfect package for your product. We can create logos, artwork and anything else you need. We are here help you create customizable mylar bags for your company and sharpen your brand's image. We offer a wide range of creativity and uniqueness to your packages; don’t limit yourself!

When you place an order, our team will contact you personally to discuss your design details. We will take care of the rest! Our custom pouch packaging bags are made top-quality and are customized to the best of our abilities. printed resealable bags can be designed for your favorite strain, food storage, tech accessories or simply anything that you want a new look for. We have an easy and convenient way to place orders no matter what is on your mind.

Printing Styles

We take pride in providing quality. Each personalized zipper pouch is produced with a matte or gloss finish, at no extra cost, as a standard option. What is matte or gloss finish? Gloss pouches have a shiny finish, while matte pouches offer a flat finish.

Custom mylar bag printing is a trend in many industries. These custom zipper pouches can be printed in full-color, so you can print any design or color combo. Take advantage of our low minimum custom made pouches without the color plate and set up fees.

There are a number of ways to customize your personalized pouches and it can really go the distance. The corners of your stand up package can be customized. Choose from standard rounded or squared corners included with any custom size mylar bag, free of charge. With a wide range of options available, you're sure to find the perfect flexible pouch for your needs!

With so many printing option, you can choose to order your custom baggies to be printed with different styles, our the default ones. Some of the mylar bag printing add-ons or upgrades we offer for a small fee include:

  • Holographic finish

  • Gold metallic foil

  • Silver metallic foil

Custom 28 Gram Bags

It is no secret that custom oz bags are rapidly gaining popularity. This type of bag allows for a wide variety retail products such as flower and edibles to be stored in one place for easy access. However, this popular size does come with the drawback of the inability to carry it in your pocket. The benefits of this big size that these weed bags give is often outweighed by the inconvenience of carrying this larger item. Those who want additional protection of their products can choose to distribute it in smell proof bags bags. The weed packaging prevent your items from getting dirty and are easy use.

Marijuana bags customized with a company logo are a great way to make your customers aware of the brand. Not only will it potentially convert them into regular customers, but it will also make them more likely to post about your service on social media. Cannabis retail packaging is a necessity for both consumers and business owners. Custom smell proof bags are a great way to promote your weed business because they are designed with your logo, brand vision and colors.

One of the best ways to establish a well-known brand is by making your product distinct and unique. This can be a great way to market your business and increase sales. Designing product packaging, like custom weed pouches, to stand out from the rest of the market can help your brand grow, as consumers can easily tell they are different. This is a cost-effective way for you to get the most out of your custom packaging.

We pride ourselves on being able to produce stand up pouches of industry-leading quality. For this reason, we have learned to keep things simple and easy when ordering your own. As straightforward as filling the stash bag is, it is also made for convenience. Pack your product into the odor proof bags, then seal it. Its fast and efficient! Each oz bag of products features a resealable, odor-resistant zipper and is ideal for storing, keeping products fresh, and germs at bay.

Wholesale Custom Mylar Bags

Considering bulk mylar bags can help you save money in the long-run and are a smart move when it comes to saving on your overall purchase. There's no need to worry about running out of bags or being overcharged for the same product. Buying in bulk ensures you will always have mylar baggies on hand, which is a great way to conserve. You can also store your printed bags in bulk without having to worry about them wrinkling or turning brittle over time. Whether you need wholesale pouches for an event or storefront, we have you covered.

We provide an array of wholesale zipper pouches, perfect for any occasion. Our bulk zipper pouches are a great solution for retailers looking for the best deals without sacrificing quality. For a custom size or quote, just let us know. Our team is ready to assist you in finding and designing the best mylar bags for your needs. If you’re tired of continuously going from place to place in search of the perfect deal on packaging pouch bags, then order your bulk pouches with us today! Our convenient process makes it effortless.

Create your own!

Once you choose from our variety of printing styles, we will contact you for your design requirements. To cater to your needs, we've made it easy for you to build our own custom pouch packaging bags. Just place an order with us and you can start customizing your stand up pouch bags. We offer a variety of mylar bag printing styles.

If you're looking for a designer to create your packaging, we can help. Our free design services allow you to maximize your creativity, giving your company a unique and professional brand. If you need help placing your order, feel free to contact a customer service representative. We welcome questions and will be sure to help!

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