1 gram weed bags
1 gram bags
Custom Printed 3X4 Mylar Bags (1G)

Custom Printed 3x4" Mylar Bags (1G)

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  • Dimensions: 3 x 4” inch 
  • Pouch size: 2” inch 
  • Thickness: 240 microns 
  • Fits: 1g 
  • Finish: Gloss or matte 
  • Corners: Round or square 
  • Full-color printing. 
  • Print any color design. 
  • No set up or color plate fees. 
  • Front, back and bottom pouch printing. 
  • Add an optional window or hang hole. 
  • Includes FREE design services. 
  • WILL NOT go into production until approved by you! 


1g mylar bags

Custom Mylar Bags 3 x 4"

To stand out from other mylar bags, customization is an important factor. That way, people can recognize you more easily. When looking to get the most out of your products, consider custom mylar bags. Custom stand up pouches are a unique and fun way to show off your personality in business and in the cannabis community.

BRANDMYDISPO creates custom printed mylar bags for businesses who want to initiate a more personalized shopping experience. We have printed bags in a number of sizes and all of them are fully customizable with front, back, and bottom printing! Print anything you’d like on the underneath side of the custom pouches. We provide fast turnarounds and high-quality stand up pouch printing. We also offer low minimums for printing your customized artwork.

If you're looking for custom bags with logo personalization, look no further. With a variety of printing styles and options to customize, we offer the perfect solution for packaging or promotional events. These small pouches are printed without any set up or color plate fees, meaning you can print any color design you’d like at no additional cost. Taking the hassle out of custom mylar bag printing is what what we are all about.

Gram bags are perfect for storing a 1 to 2 grams of flower or any other small product. These tiny bags are closed using a resealable zipper and have a perforated bottom so you can easily take out the amount you need. The dimensions of our 1g mylar bag is 3 × 4 inches and feature a 2" bottom pouch. Most people use them to store their dispensary flower, but these custom zipper pouches can also be used to store foods like gummies, cookies, and nut. They're also highly popular for packaging up edible THC goodies.

Free Mylar Bag Design Services

Have an idea you can't wait to see on a custom print bag? Our designers will help you create your unique packaging bag design and then print it in highest quality available. We specialize in printing flexible packaging with quality colors and designs. Our printed mylar bag design services are included, free of charge.

Designing your packaging is an important part of providing a quality experience for customers. The key is knowing what designs to choose and how to make them look appealing. With a bit of creativity, our designers will create your own custom resealable bag that is attractive and memorable. Whether you're in a rush or simply want an affordable option, the design process at our company is straightforward. Let us help you create a custom printed pouch that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations while considering your budget.

At BRANDMYDISPO, we make printing your own customizable mylar bags a quick process that's easy to complete. Our designers will work with you to create the perfect stand up pouch bag design for your business, and our team can help ensure that it meets the requirements of your brand. We are available to help you improve your branding, answer any questions, and ensure that you're satisfied with the results. Make your packaging supplies stand out with a new custom logo and design on your flexible pouch.

Printing Styles

We are proud to offer a wide range of options mylar bag printing options. These include matte or gloss finishes, at no extra cost as a standard option. The difference between matte and gloss mylar bags is that gloss mylar bags are shiny. Matte mylar bags will appear as if they have a soft finish.

Square or rounded corners can make a big difference in the way your packaging pouch looks. When you’re shopping for new custom packaging mylar bags, consider which option best suit your brand. When it comes to corner style, we offer both rounded or squared corners, available at no extra cost, for our standard custom logo bags.

These standard print mylar baggies also include full color printing. This means that your company’s design, logo and slogan can be printed in any color on the mylar packaging. This makes it simple for customers to see who made their product and remember your brand.

You can also get your custom pouch packaging bags printed with different styles than the our standard pouches, for a small fee. Here are a few of the printing add-ons and upgrades we offer:

  • Holographic finish

  • Gold metallic foil

  • Silver metallic foil

1 Gram Weed Bags

Weed bags, or bud bags, are becoming more popular as marijuana becomes legal in more states. They're usually a great value because they are so simple to use. Smell proof bags can offer extra privacy and security for your buds by providing a layer of protection. They are typically used to store and carry marijuana buds, but there are many different products you can store in these odor proof bags.

If you are looking for some great ways to get customers talking about what they've received from you in the past, consider customizing your product bags with branding. They'll want to share this experience with others and might even become brand ambassadors for you. Custom packaging, like custom weed bags, are a great way to give your brand a competitive edge while promoting your company.

Branding your weed packaging bags with different designs will help distinguish your products from others. Custom smell proof bags can help your brand be noticed in a crowd of other. Differentiating your weed baggies from the competition, by creating different, breath-taking designs is a great way to stand out and market your business.

Weed packs are loved because they're very easy to use and fill! Just insert your product into the resealable bag and then seal the zipper. Your 1 gram bags will be ready for display in no time! Each medical cannabis rx bag features a resealable zipper, perfect for when clients like smaller quantities. Try sprucing up your packaging needs and show off your unique style with custom mylar weed bags.

Wholesale Custom Mylar Bags

You can save money by buying bulk mylar bags, which helps you get the most out of your money and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business. You'll never run out of custom baggies and you won't have to worry about paying more compared to a smaller pack. If you're wanting to save money on packaging, wholesale zipper pouches are a great option since they easy to stock up on and cost less than branded alternatives.

We have a wide range of wholesale pouches and offer some on the market-leading prices. Those won't sacrifice quality though! We provide personalized, top-notch options to help you with your dream stash bags. Looking for a different size or quantity, not listed? Reach out for a quick and easy quote. Our team is ready to help you get the best deal when ordering our mylar bags bulk. Place your order today and let start designing your bulk zipper pouches!

Get Started

Whether you're packaging at your store or doing an event, these small bags will be a hit! They are available to suit any occasion. Our custom mylar pouches are designed to help you promote your business and stay top of mind in customers minds. We take pride in making it effortless to start creating your own custom personalized zipper pouch.

To place an order, select the items you want, choose how many, and add them to your cart. A designer will contact you to discuss your artwork details, once you place an order. We'd love to help you create an attractive piece of digital identity for your custom mylar bags that you can be proud of!

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